Enjoy the benefits of boutique level jet travel.  The ultimate in customization, quality, safety and value.

Founded by private jet flyers and industry veterans, Wings Jets’ strength and dedication is to deliver clients a value-rich alternative to the high costs of Fractional Ownership and leading Card / Membership Programs.  Programs represent a hybrid of the strongest and most flexible features of other programs, with the confinements and restrictions removed.

  • Guaranteed availability 365 days a year.
  • Comprehensive safety standards, backed by real-time ARG/US safety evaluations.
  • Custom select a Light, Midsize or Heavy Jet each specific trip.
  • No need to commit to one jet category, or one particular jet model.
  • No time commitments or constraints.  No contract payments.  No management fees.
  • Ability to be Jet-Model specific.  Choose the best jet for each trip, since all jets have different performance, seating capacities and on-board amenities.
  • Ability to specify age range (vintage) of aircraft.
  • Client advanced approval of aircraft, selecting from multiple options – every flight.
  • We obtain multiple bids for each flight request and forward the savings of competitive bidding onto our clients.
  • Fixed flight quotes.  No additional fees.
  • No Ferry fees.
  • Complimentary aircraft upgrades.
  • Book flights with as little as 5 hours notice.


Our dedication to customization, quality, safety and value, enhanced by the uncompromising scrutiny of all flight details by your personal aviation advisor, means Wings Jets clients enjoy consistent service delivery every flight.


With Wings Jets, the answer is always Yes.

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All flights are operated by FAR Part 135 certified air carriers. Wings Jets contracts only with those operators satisfying both FAA safety regulations as well as additional Wings Jets safety standards. All personal consumer information submitted through this web site will be held strictly confidential.