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In aviation, there is nothing more important than safety. With varying safety standards present throughout the private aviation industry, operational performance histories and pilot experience levels are the primary criteria that drive the operator selection process. With our industry leading safety and qualification requirements, less than 10% of all Part 135 aircraft operators satisfy our exacting standards. Testimony to our advisory capacities, we also believe in full disclosure and transparency. Protecting each flight is the independent ARG/US TripCHEQ* safety evaluation system. The report is available to our clients each flight - unique in the industry.

Protecting each flight, we require:

  • FAA Part 135 certifications are current and complete for the operator,aircraft and both crew
  • The operator has an ARG/US Gold or Platinum safety rating
  • A TripCHEQ* is conducted prior to every flight
  • ¬≠Pilots satisfy demanding flight experience requirements, especially experience in specific jet model
  • Jet model type ratings are validated
  • Operational control is verified
  • Insurance protections satisfy proprietary requirements, including additional insured privileges.

* ARG/US TripCHEQ (Aviation Research Group of US): Comprehensive, real-time safety analysis and evaluation system report.

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All flights are operated by FAR Part 135 certified air carriers. Wings Jets contracts only with those operators satisfying both FAA safety regulations as well as additional Wings Jets safety standards. All personal consumer information submitted through this web site will be held strictly confidential.